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A cake line with the essentials of traditional pastry-making in constant evolution; gaining
intensity in the mousses, sponginess in the cakes, texture in the crunchy features, and in the
decorative elements. All of this, together with specialized technical development that
guarantees the quality of the product throughout its entire life cycle.


Classic Line

Creative baking inspired by none other than the United States of America. Seductive, with soft cream cheeses and delicious chocolates combined with our very own cake sponges. A constantly growing line of cakes with different versions which are ideal for any time of day.


American Line

A cake designed for a significant date, offering a distinctive solution for each special moment.
If you can’t find the right product in our current range, ask us about our customized orders
(this option must always be based on a minimum volume order).

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Celebration Line

A window into an imaginary world where children can enjoy their special day through comics and their favorite cartoon characters. A host of flavors and textures to enjoy with friends and family.


Smile Line

Gluten-free, with no added sugars… a collection of "- FREE" cakes, still containing EVERYTHING needed to awaken sweet sensations in all the members of the family.


Healthy Line