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“We are what we do every day. So excellence is not an act but an habit.” Aristotle.

From the selected raw ingredients to the ready to be enjoyed product. For us, excellence means ensuring that the quality of the product is the best it can be. Starting with having the IFS certification (quality management and food safety) and achieving a High-Level score. Followed by obtaining the ISO 14001 which guarantees that we comply with environment protection law during the making of our product.


“Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham.

The new developments and improvements in our traditional pastry products are achieved thanks to the work, effort and enthusiasm of the R&D, Marketing, Processes, Quality and Production teams. Our human capital is essential in achieving quality cakes.


“Never do anything yourself that others can do for you.” Agatha Christie.

We aim to make our creations stand out; we are committed to innovation and the improvement of the productive processes. Our objective is to bring authentic pastry products to your table.